Web Design

At Digital ON Solutions we design the following types of websites:

  • Corporate
  • News/Magazine
  • eCommerce
  • Blog
  • Brochure

Corporate :

A corporate website is one designed for corporate organizations. Such websites are usually professional in their outlook. Businesses use such websites to provide information about themselves. Some companies use their corporate sites to sell too. Corporate sites may differ depending on the industry.


News and Magazine websites have the purpose of keeping its readers up to date on current affairs. They usually function as an online newspaper or magazine.


eCommerce websites are online stores where products and services and sold and bought. It can be one company selling to many users or many sellers to many users. An eCommerce website is an online marketplace.


A blog is a website or web page that is regularly updated. It may be  run by an individual or a small group. The content is usually written in an informal or conversational style.


Brochure websites are simple websites designed for small businesses that need simple online presence. This kind of website usually has few pages and the purpose is to give a brief description of the company, its services and the contact information. This type of website usually serves as an online business card.


The following are or prices for websites


The category is for websites that have many pages (i.e. 10+)
  • More than 10 web pages
  • Responsive: PC, Tablet, mobile compatible
  • Free hosting
  • Free Domain Registration/Transfer
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Email Account Set up