12 Features Your Blog Should Have

Here are 12 features your blog should have

Perfect Structure

First of all, the structure of your blog should be perfect. It should have a Heading, Body, Sidebar, and Footer. The Heading will contain the Menu of the website. The Body is where the title and content of the article will be. The Sidebar is the place you can put features such as social media handles, search, recent posts list, call-to-action, and advertisement. The Footer is where you put the links to other pages of your website, contact information, or any other information you may prefer.

Great Website Design

Although people may come to your website because of the blog articles, the overall web design should be eye-catching. It should give them a great user experience. This is something I personally find as important. So whenever I am designing a blog, I make sure it looks beautiful.

Reverse Chronological Order of Posts

Posts must be displayed with the newest ones on top. The older ones should appear beneath or after the new ones. Moreover, posts should be archived in their respective months or categories.

Blog Promoting System

You should have a system in place which you use to promote your articles. You can use social sharing buttons and email subscriptions. Readers can use the social sharing buttons to share the blog posts on their social media accounts. The email subscription also helps you collect email and send them articles every time you post a new one.

SEO Tools

Your blog must have an SEO system. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. They are the tools that help your blog articles to place well on Google search so readers can see your article and click it. There are various SEO tools for blogs, search for the one you will be interested in.

Attention-Grabbing Titles

The titles you use for your blog posts must grab the attention of your readers. This way, they will be compelled to click on it to read.

Quality Content

The quality of your blog posts must be good. When readers click the title to read the content, it must be worthwhile to read. Your content must be relevant. Moreover, depending on its length, it must have sub-headings. This will make it easier to read.

Link Building

Your blog should have links. The links can be internal; that is, linking to other articles on your own website. This helps readers to know more about your blog and navigate around it. The links can also be external; that is linking to other websites. This helps to build your online credibility.

Discussion or Debate Oriented Posts

You can also write posts that spark debates or discussions. The more you are able to get people talking, the more your post will likely be trending online. This means you can allow comments to be posted under blog posts. Only make sure you have a system in place to avoid comments that are spam.

Good Grammar and Great Length

There should not be grammatical errors in your content. Having more errors will show that you are not credible or that you should not be given attention because you are not even paying attention to your own work. The length of the blog post is also important. In some niches, short posts are perfect whereas other niches require longer posts.

Attractive Graphics

The blog post can be either text, images, or both. Whenever you intend to include images in your post, make sure they are good-looking.

Interesting Meta Description

A meta description is the information or snippet of your article that will be displayed in Google search. When they are interesting, it will encourage readers to click on your article to read.


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