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How To Choose a Website Name And Register It

Are you ready to build your website? Do you have a name for it yet? We call the website name the “domain name”. Your domain name is what people will type into the address bar to locate your website. It will be unique; other websites can not share your domain name. Examples of domain names are;;;;; etc. 

How To Choose a Website/Domain Name

When coming up with a domain name, there are some factors to consider. You need to look at the unique name you want to have and the domain name extension you will use.

First, let me tell you about domain name extensions. These domain name extensions are the last parts of the domain name. It is the part of the domain name which begins with the dot. So, for example, the domain name extension for is .com. and that of is .org. We sometimes call domain name extensions “top-level domains” (TLDs).

The domain name extensions usually have their purposes.

.com:  stands for “commercial”. Businesses use .com. However, because we widely use it, non-commercial organizations also use it. 
.org: stands for “organization”. Non-profit organizations use .org
.net: stands for “network” and is commonly used by internet service providers, web hosting providers and other internet related businesses. 
.edu: is used by educational institutions. 
.shop or .store: is ideal for websites that will be engaged in buying and selling (eCommerce).

Besides, there are country specific domain name extensions such as .us (United States); .uk (United Kingdom); .in (India); .ng (Nigeria); .za (South Africa); etc. There are other domain name extensions like .biz; .tv; .online; .club; .io; .info; etc

When choosing a domain for your website, kindly consider the following tips:

  • Choose a unique name that captures the purpose of your website and/or business. 
  • Use simple or short names because they are easy to remember. 
  • Use an appropriate domain name extension to reflect your business or organization. For example, using a .edu for a school would be better than a .net
  • Avoid numbers and symbols if possible, unless they help convey the message you want to put out there.
  • Do your best not to register names similar to other websites.
  • Try to register the other domain name extensions of your domain name and/or any misspellings of your domain name; that is if you can afford it. This will help protect your brand name from unscrupulous people. Then you redirect all your other domain name extensions to your primary domain name.

How To Register a Domain Name

When your domain name is ready, register it. Domain names are registered with a body called Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). However, ICANN does not do the registrations itself; it does it through accredited domain registrars. Examples of accredited domain registrars are GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, HostGator, etc. So you will have to register your domain name through them. 

When you go to the website of the accredited domain name registrar you prefer, these are steps you have to take to register your domain name with them.

  1. Create an account by signing up on their website
  2. Go to the domain name search box and search for the domain name with the domain name extension to see whether your choice is available.
  3. When you get your available domain name, then you “Continue to Cart”.
  4.  You can say “No, Thank You” to all the offers they will give you and “Continue to Cart”
  5. Make sure you correctly fill the billing information form provided.
  6. Before you make payment, check out whether you are eligible for any promotions. You need a coupon to apply for a discount promotion. 
  7. Note that you can buy your domain name for one year and renew it the next year.
  8. Once you crosscheck everything, you can make payment.

And there you have it! You have registered your domain name, and it is yours only. However, do not forget to renew your domain name at the same time next year as it will expire.


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