How To Make Your Website Appear in Google Search

Do you want your website to appear in Google search? Here are some tips for you to apply.

Submit Your Website To Google Search

The first thing you have to do is to submit your website to Google Search Console. In case you are not sure whether you have done this, go to and type in site:your domain nameĀ (e.g.

If your website appears in the search results, then it has already been submitted; move to the next step. If not, then you have to visit Google Search Console and verify the ownership of your website and then submit your website to Google by following the steps listed there.

Write More Content

The next step is to ensure that you write more content on your blog. It is advisable to write more than your competitors. Moreover, your content must be of high quality, unique, engaging, and valuable. When writing content, pay attention to the keywords. You can make good use of long-tail keywords. Most of the keywords searched in Google are long-tail.

Have a Secure Website

You will have to secure your website with an “HTTPS” connection. Google is interested in showing websites which have secured connection. If you want to know how to secure your website in simple steps you can read this article, How To Protect Your Website From Hackers.

Use a PPC on Google

Paying for an ad will surely get your website on Google search. When you pay for an ad (that is PPC), your ad gets to be shown when the results of your keyword are listed in the Google search results. Moreover, Google usually places the ads on top of the results and this gives them the likelihood to be clicked.


It is easy to submit your website to Google Search Console. However, you may have to put in the hard work after that in order to get your website to get a good spot on the Google search results.

Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash

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