12 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

Websites are built to drive traffic to themselves and to your business physically. But certain factors can drive visitors away from your website. Here are ways your website is driving customers away:

Complicated Domain Name

Your domain is your website address. For example, the domain name of this website is Having a complicated name will make people find it difficult to remember it to even visit your site. This article will help you choose a better domain name: How To Choose A Website Name and Register It.

Slow Loading Time

If your website takes long to load its pages, it can drive visitors away. People don’t want to wait for long before a website will open. Else, they will bounce off to the next website that opens fast.

Not Mobile Friendly or Responsive

These days, people spend more time on their mobile devices (especially smartphones) than on their other devices. A website that is not responsive on mobile devices can drive visitors away. Some websites look awkward on mobile devices; for example, some buttons are harder to tap, some portions are difficult to view. Such websites are not mobile responsive and could force visitors away from them.

Complicated Menu

Have you visited a restaurant and the menu is listed in a way that you find it difficult to find what you really want to order? How did you feel? The same applies to your clients when they visit your website and the menu is not well laid out. The website’s menu is what your clients will use to navigate the site. Use simple terms in the menu such as “Shop”, “Contact Us”, “About”, “Blog”, “Basket”, etc.

Unclear Landing Page

Your landing page should be able to tell your visitors what your business is about. If the information on your landing page is not clear about your business’ products, it can repel visitors from your site.

No Search

When visitors don’t find what they are looking for, they will try to use the search bar on your website. If your website has no search bar, it will make things difficult for your customers. They may not be able to find what they are looking for.

AutoPlay Audio & Video

Do you have media (audio or video) on your website that is set to autoplay? This can potentially make people not want to visit your site. Because such features can easily consume their data or distract them from what they came to the website for. It gets embarrassing when the media is loud too. Allow, your users to decide whether they would want to play the media or not. Do not set your media to autoplay. In addition, it is not advisable to have music or video ads to be on autoplay.


Pop-ups can be annoying. They prevent users from reading the content on your website. Using pop-ups excessively can deter visitors from returning to your site. Use them moderately. Most users don’t like it when they are greeted with pop-ups on websites they visit.

Poor Background

Poor background colours and images can make it difficult for your users to read the content on your page. For example, some colours are harsh and can hurt the eyes of your users.


Poor content can also drive customers away from your website. After all, people visit your website because of the content. If the content is bad, don’t expect them to be coming back.


Your website gives your business some level of credibility. Without contact information, you can be perceived by your customers as not credible. Display your phone number, email address, physical location, etc on the website. Some customers would also want to read about your business on the “About Us” page before doing business with you. Therefore, you should provide such information on your website.

No Call To Action

Don’t let your customers be guessing what to do next or where to go next on your website. Provide Call to Actions on your website to guide them through the steps they have to take.

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